971 jóvenes esmeraldeños ya son parte de las brigadas de topos juveniles

Esmeraldas, September 14 and 15, 2017

The April 2017 earthquake highlighted how ill prepared were the Ecuadorian people to respond to force majeure events. For this reason, OCP Ecuador, the Junior Achievement Ecuador Foundation and the Mexican organization Integral Consulting started the project titled “Youthful Rescue Brigades Training” in November 2016, with the purpose of training Esmeralda’s young people as brigade members within their own communities. This project has finished and its results are 971 young people and teachers trained to respond to natural disasters, more than 600 hours of training accomplished and 6 high-schools of the Province prepared for emergencies.

The program was divided in three phases: The first one consisted in the training and education of brigades by members of the Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlaltelolco A.C. –BRTT—(International Rescue Brigade) from the city of México. The training took place in the cities of Quininde and Esmeraldas, particularly the following high schools: Unidad Educativa Ángel Barbisotti, Unidad Educativa Carlos Concha Torres, Unidad Educativa Vicealmirante Manuel Nieto Cadena, Unidad Educativa Fiscomisional Juan XXIII, Unidad Educativa Fiscal Quinindé, Unidad Educativa Simón Plata Torres. During this phase of the training, materials required to face emergencies were handed out, which included the following: first aid kit containing more than 30 items, spinal stretcher, vests and caps for the brigades. During the second phase, a civil protection program was created with the purpose of having user-friendly didactic materials to teach everybody how to take protection and assistance measures in the event of a natural disaster or an accident. Finally, the knowledge already acquired was replicated in cooperation with the Esmeraldas Firefighting Squad, the members of the Quininde Red Cross and the brigade members already trained during the first phase.

“OCP Ecuador's whole operation is based on safety and very strict prevention practices are maintained. For this reason, OCP Ecuador wanted to convey this same culture to the population of Esmeraldas and Quininde. We are sure that, through this project, young people will be promoters of a civil protection culture whereby we are better able to respond to this type of situations”, stated Rafael Ligen, Corporate Affairs Supervisor of OCP Ecuador.

Projects such as this demonstrate that OCP Ecuador is committed to supporting and contributing with the communities through which the oil pipeline runs. Additionally, the project has benefitted more than 4800 people who have received direct and indirect information on prevention measures and actions to be taken in the event of emergencies.

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