700 Students received dental care in Baeza

OCP Ecuador signed an agreement with the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of the Americas -UDLA- to provide free dental care to students of Basic Education to the Bachelor of Education Unit of Baeza.

As part of its social responsibility policy, OCP Ecuador develops projects related to education, productivity and health, so this agreement seeks to provide access to oral health community.

This program was divided into three phases:

  • The first phase was on April 29th with a medical dental diagnosis, where 115 UDLA dental students participated with 700 students from Baeza.
  • The second phase was held on Thursday 6th October and consisted of the implementation of oral restorative treatments, prevention talks and oral education with the presence of 115 UDLA students and professionals where approximately 200 students were attended.
  • The third and final phase is scheduled for November 9th this year as a dental follow-up.

Looking for constantly strengthen of our relationship with our communities to achieve their well-being, OCP Ecuador works in coordination with local authorities and partners always looking to maximize the benefit to our neighbors.

700 Students received dental care in Baeza