Environmental Management

In observance with our Corporate Mission and Values, all operations developed by the OCP are geared towards the protection and conservation of the environment, as well as with current legislation concerning environmental issues.

Environmentally-motivated objectives are focused towards minimization of environmental impacts and are implemented through adequate management efforts for the treatment of identified environmental aspects.

The identification of such aspects and impacts, their analysis, follow-up, control, and minimization, comprise important factors in the environmental management of our Company. This analysis is executed through internal monitoring and legal compliance.


Internal monitoring of liquid discharges and water quality in receiving bodies

The annual internal monitoring program is executed on a periodic effort based on a commitment of the Company with the environment, and is performed with the participation of laboratories accredited in the measurement of quality parameters concerning water discharged and of the receiving body.

This monitoring supports environmental control and management at the Company, thus comprising the databases that allow assessing the behavior of each of the water quality parameters for industrial, domestic, and aquifer-received discharges.

Through internal monitoring campaigns executed every year, the Company measures the quality of water established in the current legal legislation, which is used for follow-up and internal control when compared with permissible levels.


Liquid discharge monitoring at the Stations.

Monitoring of water quality at the receiving body.

Amazonas Terminal. Industrial waters treatment.

Monitoreo calidad del agua en el cuerpo receptor

Terminal Amazonas.-Tratamiento de aguas industriales

Internal monitoring of atmospheric emissions and air quality

As with internal monitoring of liquid discharges, this program is executed periodically based on a commitment by the Company with the environment, and is performed with the participation of accredited laboratories that measure atmospheric emission parameters in fixed sources of combustion installed in stations and terminals belonging to the Pipeline.

The results obtained support reliability management implemented by the Company in order to guarantee the ongoing operation of the Pipeline concerning parameters established within the framework of current legislation.


Monitoring of atmospheric emissions at fixed sources, and air quality

Legal Compliance Monitoring

In order to operate the Pipeline, the Company secured the Environmental License for Operations along with its corresponding Environmental Management Plan in 2003, as approved by the Ministry of Environment.

In order to comply with the tenets of current environmental legislation, the Company performs the following:

-           Periodic updating of the Environmental Management Plan whose compliance is evaluated through the Annual Environmental Report delivered to the competent environmental authority.

-           Two annual monitoring reports (one per semester), with the participation of well-known environmental firms that ascertain liquid discharges, atmospheric emissions, noise, air quality, geo-technics, re-vegetation of the Right-of-Way, and Social Responsibility management.

-           An External Environmental Audit for the compliance of the Environmental Management Plan every two years through a qualified consultancy performed by the Ministry of Environment.


The Company has an ongoing Environmental Management System certified under the ISO 14001 Norm. This system is audited every six months and every two years for its follow-up and re-certification, respectively.

Waste Management

Since the start of the Operation, the Company has implemented responsible waste management practices in order to minimize the generation of solid and liquid waste to ensure adequate final disposition of such waste.

Solid waste management. Classification at the source


Manejo de Desechos

Manejo de desechos sólidos.- Clasificación en la fuente