Marine Terminal

When the oil arrives into Esmeraldas, its journey is concluded. OCP’s Marine Terminal is located at Punta Gorda, 8.8 miles away from the city of Esmeraldas and has the capacity of receiving oil and storing 3.75 million barrels at its facilities.

OCP’s Marine Terminal has a marine area that begins with the pipes connecting the storage tanks to the Emergency Shutoff and Flow Control Valves. From there, they are connected to the PLEM (Pipe Line End Manifold). The loading system is performed through the use of gravity.

There are two underwater hose strings that connect each one to a buoy: Charlie or Papa. There are two 24” and 16” floating hose strings that emerge and connect to the tanker vessel. This operation is controlled from the Terminal’s Control Room.

The ships are moored with the participation of SUINBA and the Terminal’s Mooring and Loading Captains, in observance with OCIMF and ISGOTT standards.

Location: Punta Gorda / Esmeraldas. KM 485

Altitude: 206 masl

Two Areas: Land and Marine

Storage: Five 750,000 barrel tanks each

Total capacity of: 3,750,000 barrels


Two 24” underwater hose strings

Two 24” and 16” floating hose strings

Two Mono-buoys: Charlie (150,000 tons) and Papa (325,000 tons)