The heavy oil transport operation at the OCP begins with the arrival of hydrocarbons delivered by its users into the Amazonas Station through secondary pipelines located approximately 3 miles away from the city of Nueva Loja.

Upon reaching the Station, it goes through an oil metering system that quantifies the amount of hydrocarbons delivered by each company. Following this process, the oil is delivered to one of four storage tanks. The net total storage capacity of this Station is 1.2 million barrels.

In order to begin its transport, and if necessary, the oil is indirectly heated through a heated oil recirculation and heat exchange system. The main pumps provide the necessary power so the crude oil may have the necessary pressure to begin its journey.


  • Location: Lago Agrio Canton / Sucumbíos. KM 0.
  • Altitude: 305 masl.
  • Storage: Four 300,000 barrels each.
  • Transport capacity: 410,000 barrels per day.


  • 6 metering skids
  • 5 furnaces
  • 5 main pumps
  • 5 backup pumps
  • 1 Power generation system
  • Output metering system
  • Water and foam fire extinguishing system
  • Open-and-shut system to control fluids exiting the Station.