100 Students of Universidad Central Attended Talks about Good Practices in Oil Pipeline Management

Quito, November 27, 2018.- More than 100 students of the School of Engineering in Geology, Mines, Petroleum and Environment (FIGEMPA by its acronym in Spanish) of Universidad Central attended talks organized by OCP Ecuador on occasion of the 15th Anniversary of the oil pipeline operations.

The talks were given by technicians of the company and were intended to give students information about good practices in the oil pipeline these past years. In addition to these technical subjects, OCP Ecuador representatives shared how, through innovation and vision, the company was able to do business with our neighbor country, Colombia, to transport crude oil through the OCP.

“We are always looking for a creative way to generate new business opportunities to achieve sustainability for the company, and which are also helpful for the country’s and the region’s development”,  said Guillermo Freire, Business Manager of OCP Ecuador.

To reinforce what was leaned during the talks, approximately 20 students visited the Paramo Station, which is located near Papallacta, in the Napo province.  

“OCP’s environmental management plan seemed very interesting to me; we learned about each of the laws and regulations it must comply with, as well as the procedures they have in place”, said Sofia Gualavisi, a 24-year old student of FIGEMPA.

This pumping station is designed to provide the last push to the heavy crude oil transported when it reaches its highest point at 4,064 m in the La Virgen area, along the oil pipeline 485-km route.