The inauguration of a high road in Lago Agrio benefits 4,500 people

Lago Agrio (Sucumbíos), March 1, 2019.- The Autonomous Decentralized Municipal Government of Lago Agrio and OCP inaugurated the General Farfan Avenue, which is located in the parish bearing the same name, in Lago Agrio; this road benefits more than 4,500 people residing in the area.

OCP Ecuador invested $ 431,000 in the excavation of material for the improvement of soil, the placement of asphalt and in the installation of a drainage system on the stream crossing, and rain drainage.

“We have not only emphasized the transportation of crude oil, but we have strived for a balance between such activity, environmental preservation and benefits for the community. For this reason, we support works like this that will improve the quality of life for the community", Rafael Liger, Corporate Affairs Supervisor for OCP Ecuador, stated.

On its part, the Autonomous Decentralized Government of Lago Agrio was responsible for the engineering of the rain drainage system and the respective trench of road, the placement of a traffic light, and jointly with the National Electricity Corporation (CNEL by its Spanish acronym), the repowering of the existing lighting system for the high road.

Vinicio Vega, the Mayor of Lago Agrio, expressed his gratitude for the support received from private companies for civil works that change the life of the communities. “Working jointly with OCP Ecuador and the Municipality has been beneficial for the whole canton”, added the Mayor.

To date and with the abovementioned work, OCP Ecuador has invested US$ 9 million in the province of Sucumbios, and has carried out more than 15 projects in the social, education, health, road and productivity fields. “The works we have carried out, such as the building of the Abya Yala High School or the Jorge Aguilera Avenue, have been a big contribution to the residents of Lago Agrio”, Liger added.

The General Farfan Avenue was inaugurated on March 1, 2019, with the main authorities of the canton and the province attending, as well as hundreds of residents of the General Farfan parish

via en Lago Agrio

via en Lago Agrio