Farmers and cattle farmers receive training

  • 3200 people in 33 parishes, where the OCP goes through, have benefitted since 2010.

Quito, September 26, 2018.- Roughly 40 people in Pedro Vicente Maldonado (Pichincha) were given free training on topics relating to bio-ferments for cattle farming and agriculture.  

To date, 116 Community Pots have been held in the areas influenced by the Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline (OCP), benefitting over 3200 people. Community Pots are training situations that help promote good agricultural and cattle farming practices, and provide information about the cautionary steps residents must take when they get near the Right of Way (RoW) of the oil pipeline. 

For Rafael Liger, Supervisor of Corporate Matters at OCP Ecuador, this is a way to be in touch with the communities, where the OCP runs through. “Maintaining good relations with our neighbors is what has helped us grow hand-in-hand,” he said. 

Nancy Montero is a 53-year old entrepreneur, who has taken advantage of the Community Pots; she is the president of the Simon Bolivar Cattle Farmers’ Association, and also grows cocoa beans and produces home-made jams. The association was created six months ago and is focused on the production of short-cycle crops, cattle farming and other small-business undertakings. 

“These talks are very helpful for us, because they allow us to approach production in a technical manner and get better results. Our hope is to progress and improve our families’ financial situation; to work independently, since there are no sources of employment." 

The Community Pots are organized by OCP Ecuador with technical support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle Farming, Aquaculture and Fishing (MAGAP), and they are open in particular for those living close to the Right of Way, but also for the community in general.