Corporate culture transmitted and lived beyond the company

Interview to Francisco Cobo, retired Colonel and SENAPRO Project Director.  

How long have you been working for OCP Ecuador?

I have been working for the company for approximately 11 years. For us, as SENAPRO, working with a company of OCP’s dimensions has been a great experience, because the company is very important for the country.

 What was the best during these 11 years of work with OCP?

Our greatest experience has been to see ourselves as OCP’s strategic ally. Our relationship is one of mutual trust, but it also involves great responsibility.

What were your expectations when it began?

Our expectations were and still are to learn from such a major company with such structured procedures. Also, learning from its operational approach and its responsible methods towards the country. One of the most important values we have learned from OCP is social responsibility and environmental management.

Has this relationship been instrumental for your growth?

We have grown. When we started working with OCP, we were a relatively small company. This important contract has been our letter of introduction. Having such an important client as OCP has opened doors to other national and transnational companies in the hydrocarbon industry.

So from the beginning you saw that OCP trusted on a company that at that time was small.

Yes. All these years, we have worked responsibly and adhering to our customer service principles. Along with OCP, we have experienced difficult times, but also good times. All these experiences have fostered OCP’s trust in us and helped us trust in what we are doing.

For us, it is challenging to walk hand in hand with OCP every day. We gain experience and work with the same dedication as the first day of our contract.

Francisco Cobo, retired Colonel and SENAPRO Project Director.  

“I am very happy working for a company such as OCP. Working in an oil station provides more contact with people. So far, we have not had any event and will continue working well at the station”.

Roberto Guanopatín – SENAPRO security guard