It was not just a class they received, but they are prepared for the future

Interview to Magaly Ramirez, District Director of the Canton Esmeraldas

I was born in Esmeraldas, but my work always took place in Quininde and now God has given me the chance to come back to the canton where I was born.  Being here has helped me see things as they really are, and therefore, I would like to do lots for the benefit of children. At times, you feel helpless facing the situation of many families, because 80 % of them are what I call “assembled families”.  These are families where “your children, my children and our children” are living together, also there are families headed by single mothers, dysfunctional families, which may prompt children to resort to drugs or crime. Our society is weakening.

How was your experience in the field of education?

My goal has always been to promote the well-being of boys, girls and adolescents. For this reason, in terms of inter-institutional coordination, in this case, working with OCP-Education, is a sure way to achieve good results. This is the right way to do things.

How did this inter-institutional support begin?

I learned about OCP when I was working as project manager. Since then I have kept in contact and was able to always work for the benefit of children.  OCP has been consistently working in the areas of education and training. Likewise, when I was director of the Institute of Agriculture and Livestock of Quininde, we grew closer and there was always good communication.

What has brought you more satisfaction during this time?

When I worked as District Director in Quininde, OCP donated a car repair/maintenance classroom for the students of the Ecuador evening high school. It was very interesting because the students are adults who have not had a chance to study, but they have it now. Some of them have set up their own car repair shops; others have found excellent employment opportunities. This experience was very fulfilling, because it was not just a class they took, but they received training for their future.

OCP is part of this community. The company is directly involved in the work, I have seen it myself, and not only here in Esmeraldas, but also in Quininde. The company has always maintained a connection with children and teenagers, and the community in general.