Institutional Cooperation Continues Providing Free Dental Care for Students

Quito, April 8, 2019. OCP Ecuador and Universidad de las Americas (UDLA) signed an institutional cooperation agreement for more students to continue receiving free dental care.

This time, the project will be implemented in San Miguel de los Bancos, North West of Pichincha, with the goal of providing dental care to more than 200 students between 4 and 14 years, during the period 2019-2020.   

Francisco Montalvo, Manager of Corporate Affairs of OCP Ecuador, said “Our goal is to care for the welfare of the communities where we are present. Providing access to health care in the populations that we pass through is part of that goal and is part of our pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility,     

The project received an investment of 32,000 dollars from OCP Ecuador for medical supplies and instruments. UDLA, on its part, has contributed making possible that 250 students of the School of Dentistry provide attention for children and young people as part of a master agreement for pre-professional practices signed between both institutions.    

These dental treatment sessions started in 2016 with preventive and dental care for more than 280 students, covering from initial through basic education in the Baeza Educational Unit (Canton Quijos).

The dental care process was divided in three phases:  Dental diagnosis, treatment and oral education, and follow-up.   

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