Success is not something that just happens: it is a continued effort day by day

Interview to Jorge Rubio, manager of Hostel Ayalir, in Pedro Vicente Maldonado.

Jorge Rubio is the owner of a hostel in the Canton Pedro Vicente Maldonado. He tells us how he achieved his dream of increasing his business through his efforts.

This canton is located north-east of Pichincha. Its climate is very special, as Don Jorge tells us: “The climate here has brought people who are looking for peace and nice weather. The presence of rivers and waterfalls is a great attractive. In this very spot, we have a wonderful waterfall with water falling in three different places…”

This hostel dates back to 1997, when he started the building works, but it was in 2000 when his business started growing. “The relationship with OCP started in 2001 when the building of the oil pipeline began. Later, when the OCP started operations, we submitted our offer and have been working with them since then”, says Jorge.

And Jorge saw how his business was gradually growing. “At first, the hostel had eight cabins to accommodate families. Today, we have 22 rooms besides the existing eight cabins to meet the requirements of incoming guests and the demand during holidays and festivities”.

He also remembers how much the population of this community has grown, and that this canton experienced a significant economic boost. He adds, “The presence of OCP has been very positive: it has helped create sources of employment… So many people worked in the construction of the oil pipeline”.

This is how we show that we deliver and that we are committed to our suppliers, because we are all growing hand in hand. “Our relationship with OCP is excellent. OCP is also happy with the service we are providing”, says Jorge.