Interview to Oscar de la Cruz, owner of the Right of Way (RoW)

My name is Oscar Hernan de la Cruz Cahuarquijo. I live in the Canton El Chaco, province of Napo. I am very happy and pleased to be part of this beautiful community. We are located two hours away from Quito. A large part of the population is dedicated to farming and raising livestock.  

Thanks to my parents’ and mine efforts, I was able to earn a University Degree. I am a civil servant, but I am also involved in productive and livestock raising activities.

What have been the greatest needs and failures of the population before?

One of the greatest problems that the population has had over the years, because of our location and other complex issues, is the lack of basic sanitation, specifically the need for drinking water and a sewage system. But, thank God, this has been solved to a great extent.  This has been solved complementary thanks to the support of OCP and other public and private sectors entities.

So then, do you consider that the support of the private enterprise has been important whenever the work has been shared to take care of the needs of the area?

Yes, particularly when the work is shared by everybody and the authorities are undertaking the responsibility. Companies must be committed also to pay attention to the social aspect... That is one of the aspects that have been neglected many times. Public civil works are prioritized, but the social aspect is not emphasized.

Although the oil pipeline goes through this area, would you say that the crossing of the pipeline has had a positive effect on the population?

Most certainly. We are sure of that and are convinced that the work carried out by OCP has had a huge effect on our group. Maybe people tend to forget and only remember the civil works of an extraordinary magnitude. However, we, who have been directly affected by the crossing of OCP through our land and our farms, naturally, we have a very positive image of that.

How was the process to compensate for the Right of Way (RoW)?

There is always a bit of dissatisfaction because it is impossible to achieve everything that has been agreed to. An understanding was reached with the municipal governments that were directly responsible for the compensation. There were talks about a social compensation, which somehow was generated through the financing of works for projects, and that allowed our Canton (El Chaco) to obtain for the first time additional resources to finance many projects that we had in mind.

What has been the most emblematic civil works achieved thanks to OCP's support in this area?

One of the most important civil works in El Chaco is the first phase of Showground, which is in the process of completion, and where the livestock, farming and productive activities are shown at the Expofair. We also had support for projects of environmental remediation, sewage and drainage projects in Santa Rosa. Similarly, an ambulance was donated to the healthcare institution, since there were no vehicles to care for the people who needed such a service.