Interview to Ramiro Naranjo, Coordinator of OCP Ecuador Corporate Matters

Ramiro’s adventure started when he was working for a security company, in 2001. “We were very pleased when we learned that we would be providing security services for OCP.” He now remembers with nostalgia that “as of that moment, I started dreaming with being part of that company!”  

For Ramiro, a 45-year old man born in Quito, OCP Ecuador was a landmark in the history of this country.  “It was a project that I had been talking about for many years, but it never materialized, it was only a dream, expectations or wishes only expressed on paper. So being part of a project such as OCP has made a great difference in my life”, he says.

Then, in 2002, as a result of his hard work, he was able to start working directly for OCP Ecuador.

How was your experience?

I have been working here for more than 15 years. It has been a very nice experience, because both the company and I have been progressing hand in hand, step by step, and sharing joyful moments as well as hard situations. My professional development started from the moment I started working here. I began in the area of security and I am now Coordinator of Corporate Matters.

Please talk about an experience that has marked your professional life.

The most difficult times we had were two spill emergencies. I remember that we were in the locations, working side by side with the rest of our fellow workers to sort out the best we could the emergencies faced by the organization”.

Do you think that there was a timely response to these spills by OCP? Did OCP comply with the relevant standards?

Each emergency was different. Firstly, they happened in geographically different locations.  One happened in the Oriente Region and the other in the west. But it should be noted that in both cases, the organization's response was timely and the best possible in each case… because of the employees’ organization, professional behavior and discipline, plus their willingness to work hard. That is how we were able to resolve these emergencies.