Mis Años Dorados (My Golden Years), a center with human warmth for older adults

Older adults are really touched; we must remember that there was no project for their benefit, and here 100% of the population lives in extreme poverty. They really need this support”, writes Yady Gómez, President of the Center for Older Adults “Mis Años Dorados” (My Golden Years).  

The center for older adults “My Golden Years” is located in the Street Los Andes between Shushufindi and Cascales, in Lago Agrio (province of Sucumbios). At present, the center serves 60 older adults who receive specialized and comprehensive care. They arrive at 8am in the vehicle provided by the center and stay until 2pm.

“We are very happy and moved to be in our center. It is a beautiful project that helps us change the quality of life of many older adults from priority groups in our canton, Lago Agrio", says Yady Gómez, President of the center.

Older adults are served breakfast, a snack and lunch, but as mentioned by Yady, “the most important part is the human warmth, that is the strong point of this project”. The food is high quality, and activities such as dance-therapy, manual activities, games and trips have changed the lives of these people. “They feel happy, they love this project, as we love it too”, adds Yady.

The first state of the project was started with the support of OCP Ecuador and it was an initiative of the Social Action Unit of the Decentralized Autonomous Government of Lago Agrio. “Since the opening of the center, we began changing the life of many families, of many people who did not receive this kind of help, and today, thanks to OCP and the Mayor’s Office they are receiving it. We are truly thankful for having institutions such as OCP, a company committed also to participate in social work and change the lives of priority groups”, comments she.

The center is a benchmark in the area because of its dimensions; its first class facilities and the quality of the service provided. Yady remembers that when they presented the project, it seemed very big and ambitious. "Many did not believe in us, but OCP committed to this beautiful project, and other companies have also given their support, but OCP was the first institution to make a contribution”, concludes she.


The Social Action Unit of the Decentralized Autonomous Government is currently serving older adults from low-income groups directly in its own facilities located in the Street Los Andes, between Shushufindi and Cascales. Older adults receive personalized care from a multi-disciplinary technical team provided by this entity.

The first stage of the project was opened in 2016 thanks to the help of OCP Ecuador; later on, our services were implemented thanks to the support of other private entities.

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