Vendor Showcase

The Purchasing and Contracting Department thanks you for your interest in wanting to become an OCP Vendor and to form part of our Strategic Allies.

Vendors who have already worked or participated in a bidding process, must still fill out the form and send their documents in order to update their data.

This channel is designed to provide necessary information to the companies and as such may request their qualification and registration.

Please follow the steps below:

    1. A pdf file must be attached of the following up-to-date documents:
      1. Copy of the Taxpayer ID Number (RUC) granted by the IRS.
      2. At least 3 certifications issued by institutions who are receiving your services presently.
      3. At least 1 commercial reference.
      4. At least 1 bank reference.
    2. Fill out the Matriculation Form Vendor Matriculation (FMP)
      1. In the matriculation form, all service and/or goods codes your company will offer the OCP will be registered. Every company that wishes to be considered as a vendor shall have to be linked to one of the following categories, with at least one product or service detailed in the following catalogues:
      2. Services Catalogue of insterest to OCP Ecuador S. A. (CSOCP)
      3. Goods Catalogue of interest to OCP Ecuador S. A. (CBOCP)
    3. Fill out the following information and attach the Vendor Matriculation Form (FMP) with the required data.

For further information please contact the purchasing department at (593-2) 297-3200, ext. 5314

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Learn about our CODE OF ETHICS FOR SUPPLIERS and if you have a complaint ethical please send an email to